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Solstic goes where you go. Conveniently tucked into a purse, pocket or glove box,
Solstic can follow you to the gym, mall, office and park. It makes getting nutrition
easy and convenient. Just pour the contents of a stick packet into your water bottle,
shake and drink! Get the benefits of nutrient-rich Solstic—in five great varieties!

Solstic Energy
• Helps reduce physical fatigue.
• Increases mental clarity and focus.
• Helps the body mobilize fat stores to be used as fuel.
• Increases exercise endurance and stamina.
• Provides energy for daily tasks.
Solstic Energy is a low-calorie, sugar-free drink powder featuring guarana, green tea
and B vitamins with natural fruit flavors. Guarana is a natural source of caffeine that
helps energize the body, reduce fatigue, increase mental focus and boost metabolism.
This product also contains thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, pantothenic acid and
potassium, plus extracts of Korean ginseng root, grape skin and green tea leaf for
energizing support anytime you need it!

Solstic Cardio
• Helps maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.
• Supports healthy sexual function in both men and women.
• Helps protect against premature aging.
• Supports muscle mass and bone density, which may help reduce fatty tissue.
• Contributes to more productive exercise.
• May help increase mental clarity.
Solstic Cardio features 5 grams of the amino acid l-arginine per serving in a blend of
minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that contribute to cardiovascular health. In
the body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which causes relaxation of blood vessels
and regulates blood vessel tone and flexibility. L-citrulline is added to prolong the action
of l-arginine in the nitric oxide pathway. Solstic Cardio also contains resveratrol, vitamin
K2 (for circulatory support), vitamin D3, pomegranate and an amino acid blend. Enjoy
its natural strawberry and lemon flavor!

Solstic Revive
• Replaces vital electrolytes lost through exercise or stress.
• Helps maintain joint health.
• Supports the structural system.
• Provides amino acids for muscular support.
• Boosts energy and endurance.
Solstic Revive replenishes vital nutrients—including calcium, magnesium, sodium
and potassium—lost during exercise, stress, exertion, dehydration and malnutrition. It’s
perfect for before, during and after any strenuous activity or as a refreshing beverage
anytime throughout the day. Revive provides 500 mg glucosamine per serving to support
joint and cartilage health plus l-carnitine, l-taurine, l-glycine, B vitamins, d-ribose, and
extracts of pomegranate and grape skin.

Solstic Twenty-Four
• Provides at least 100% of the Daily Value for 13
• Supports the immune and cardiovascular systems.
• Offers bone support through calcium absorption.
• May improve energy and stamina.
Get 24 hours’ worth of primary nutrition in a convenient
drink packet. Solstic Twenty-Four contains vitamin D3
for immune, mood and bone support; vitamin K to help
with calcium absorption and cardiovascular support; and B
vitamins for energy and stamina. It also contains vitamins
A, C, E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12,
biotin, pantothenic acid, plus calcium, magnesium, zinc and

Solstic Immune
• Provides comprehensive immune system support.
• Contains healthful antioxidants.
• Is convenient, portable and easy to use.
• Has a delicious berry lemonade flavor that’s great for
adults and kids.
Boost your immune system anytime. Solstic Immune features
elderberry fruit extract, Echinacea purpurea and vitamin D3, all
of which have been shown to support the immune system. It
also contains:
• Arabinogalactan and beta glucans, which stimulate natural killer cell and
macrophage activity.
• Panax ginseng, another promoter of natural killer cell activity.
• Vitamin C, long known for its role in maintaining a healthy immune system.
• Zinc, responsible for neutrophil, natural killer cell and T- and B-lymphocyte
• Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and cranberry fruits, chock full of antioxidants
and anthocyanins.

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