Kelly Sandelius, 
  • Certified Naturopathic Doctor
  • Certified Herbalist
  • Certified Natural Health Professional

Kelly began doing natural health for her family in 1999, but God put a passion in her heart for other people which led to Healthy Basics, Inc.


Contact Kelly by email: Click here

Kayla D. Pike
  • Certified Natural Health Professional
  • ​ZYTO EVOX (Emotional/physical balance and releasing) Specialist 
  • IN - FORM Coach - Foundational health and weight loss program
  • Specializing in Aromatherapy
  • Kayla loves to teach!
  •  Kayla is also available in the store to assist you.
Contact Kayla by email: Click here

Meet Sandy,
She is the resource we all enjoy, she has done a ton of studying and would love to health educate you!
She has a lot of knowledge to draw from. 
Sandy is the one to ask if you have questions about our resource area. We love her energy in always moving us forward with new ideas! 
Cindy Gauld,
She is a big blessing to us as she helps out around here.
She is the sweet voice on our end of the phone, the one who is willing to assist you in any way possible.
No matter what the question is she will find a way to help get you an answer.
She does a lot of our informational paper work, she is also the one you will see and talk with then you come in for your appointments!
She know what to do or who to ask when things need done.

Meet Kendra Sandelius, 
She is our sweet smile around here!
Whenever you call us to help meet your needs, she is one of the lovely voices on the other end of the phone.
She also helps with all our appointment needs.
She is our Animal specialist, she does our farm calls for all our four legged friends! So when you are in need she is your gal!

This is Tracy Bartz,
She is our Cranio Therapist. Tracy is a newer blessing to our Healthy Basics Family.
You can call us here at Healthy Basics 231.775.6001 to get an appointment with Tracy. It is great for everyone to try, there are so many aspects to this therapy.
We are all very excited and blessed to have her with us!
Meet Angela Warner, 

Neuromuscular Re-Education
Anat Baniel Method

Are you suffering from back pain, shoulder or neck pain, or repetitive stress injury? Do you have a special needs child that isn't benefiting from traditional therapies. If you answered "YES" to any of these questions please contact her. There is hope in the revolutionary method.

She is an amazing addition to us here at Healthy Basics, Inc. 

You can find out more, by going to 

We would like to welcome Hope to our Healthy Basics Family!!
You will so enjoy her uplifting and gentle spirit, She is currently working on her Bachelors in Theology and is a certified Counselor with American Association of Christian Counselors, while also taking continued education to always continue to grow!

She is also the founder of Under the Influence Ministry.
U.T.I.M’s goal is to guide hurting people while finding the main source of their problems. We also are an info...rmation source for churches and communities, giving direction to struggling families and individuals.

You will find her in the store on Mondays, she is taking appointments. For more info call the store (231.775.6001) and also check out her website;

Meet Kathi Schrock,

Cerified Reflexologist 18yrs experience.

Kathi, is an other great service here at Healthy Basics. You will love her bubbly additude, always available to bless you we a smile.

She will be here Wednesdays
She is doing her own scheduling.

You can get ahold of her at: 


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