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What can the Chi Machine do for you?

  • Increase circulation and help veins and capillaries
  • 10 minutes on the equipment is equal to 5,000 steps!
  • Increase oxygen in the cells
  • Stimulate those lymphs to carry out the junk
  • Reduce stress in every area of your body
  • Balance out hormones
  • Reduce pressure in the eyes
  • Detox and Weight loss




What can the ERE do for you?

  • Help get rid of parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus
  • Weight loss
  • Nerves in the head and feet come alive again
  • Help those back, neck , and shoulder muscles
  • Radiation is removed and prevented from entering the body
  • Help with carpal tunnel



What can the Hot House do for you?

  • Eliminate pain in 25 minutes
  • Reduce muscle strain
  • Open up air pathways in the lungs
  • Increase circulation to your cells
  • Balance out acid alkaline in the body
  • Detoxify cells
  • Lower inflammation in wounds and tissues
  • Reverse electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, tvs etc.
  • Increase collagen tissue (for skin and bones!)
  • Detox chemicals and heavy metals





What can the Epower do for you?

  • Total relaxation for the body
  • Creating a balanced electrical field in the body
  • Enhances heart function
  • Speed physical recovery in the body
  • Calm and relax nerves
  • Strengthen bones
  • Balancing nervous system
  • Digestion
  • Stabilizing brain function
  • Acne/wrinkles/natural face lift
  • Sleep
  • Depression
  • Detox foot spa can be done with this equiptment



We will also be discussing:

  •  Go Greens A whole food powder that may replace a lot of your supplements



  • Body Profile used with the ERE and Hot House you can loose some inches!



  • Infrared Palm massager



  • Infrared heating pad



  • Lumbar back cushion.. can be used in the car and increases kidney function


Ask us about getting any of the equipment mentioned above on sale!  

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